Jhennevièv, our founder will be in person AND online for a Grounding Breathwork and NAI’A Somatics Session on Tuesday night! This Fall season it’s time to anchor, to slow down, to listen in and to nourish our body through self care! Sign up now!

There’s only 12 spots available for the in-person session! Unlimited spots are available online and the replay will be sent to you if you are in Europe or Australia so you can watch it when best suits you!

What is NAI’A Breathwork & Somatics?

It is a relaxation approach that helps self-regulate your nervous system and which uses ancient wisdom, quantum science and somatic trauma healing to awaken each person to their inherent self healing and self calibrating power.

Who is it for?

For all individuals who want to slow down, relax, and revitalize their system while learning how to self regulate. If you have a medical condition or are heavily medicated, check with your doctor and with us before signing up.

I do not have a breathwork or yoga practice, can I participate?


What benefits can I get from this practice?

It’s different for everyone, and, in general:

  1. increased well-being,
  2. peace of mind,
  3. mental clarity,
  4. cellular vitality,
  5. reduction of anxiety and chronic stress
  6. happiness,
  7. brain and heart coherence,
  8. better circulation,
  9. deep relaxation,
  10. better sleep,
  11. better physical and mental performance
  12. increased ability to deal with emotions

There’s no reason not to participate! 😉

Please bring a friend or two for the journey!

See you on on Tuesday! I can’t wait to hug you in person or virtually! – Jhennevièv


Oct 18 2022


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Zoom Meeting


5790 Bd Étienne-Dallaire bureau 105, Lévis, QC G6V 8V6, Canada
Jhennevièv Heartt


Jhennevièv Heartt

Jhennevièv is first and foremost a spiritual guide and coach, founder of NAI'A Embodied Life Alchemy Academy. What few people know is that she is also a strategic coach and real estate investor and private investor in several Canadian and American startups. She knows how to build companies from 0, get them to the top, building 6-8 figures in a snap but she also knows how to speak to people's souls and create projects aligned with the life mission of these visionaries. And best of all, she knows how to coach them to become better leaders and offer outstanding services and products to their clients. She sits on several boards and mentors small entrepreneurs who think big and have what it takes as much as Silicon Valley unicorns. Her secret: Keep it simple, keep it lean, keep it fun, keep it moving.