Terms and Conditions


The following will be applied accordingly for the TRAVEL portion only of the program: “travel means: lodging, meals, adventures, transportation at destination, spa services or other included activities”

  1. Deposit – Refundable 90 days or more before check-in. 89 days or less before check-in: Transferable to any other retreat or NAI’A program.
  2. 90-30 days before arrival: Total paid is refundable minus the deposit.
  3. 30 days or less before the retreat: TOTAL IS NON – REFUNDABLE. 


  1. Once a deposit is made it is non-refundable.
  2. 45 days or more before the start of the program: the total is refundable minus the deposit. This does not apply to travel costs. See above.
  3. 44 days or less before the start of the program: total is non-refundable yet transferable to another NAI’A tuition program.
  4. Once you gain access to the full content of our online TRAINING programs no refunds are emitted. You can obtain a credit only. 

IMPORTANT – Please note that for the program or retreat to take place, a minimum number of participants is required. This number may vary from one workshop to another, see the specific details of each event. We reserve the right to cancel the workshop with full refund for consumers if the minimum is not reached.


It is the consumer’s responsibility to be aware of and comply with the legal and sanitary requirements of the country of departure and arrival prior to travel (including but not limited to: vaccination status, quarantine requirements, pre-departure testing…) until the last moment before departure. Nai’a Vie Inspirée Inc. or any of its representatives will not be legally or financially responsible for any consequences of individual failures to comply with the policies of the country of departure or arrival. If, for example, for this reason the consumer is unable to travel, enter the country and/or attend the program, no refund will be given.

However, in the event that the countries of departure and/or arrival close their borders for health reasons more than 30 days prior to the start of the program, the consumer will receive a full refund. 


We reserve the right to make changes without notice as to the program agenda, places indicated in your itinerary, price of the travel package, or accommodation services. All prices are calculated in Canadian or USD dollars.


The cost of flights is not included in the travel package. You have the responsibility to make your reservations and make sure that the schedule of the carrier is suitable. The liability of an air carrier is limited by the terms and conditions of the contract on the ticket of the passenger. We assume no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from any airplane departure delay for any reason whatsoever, and disclaims any liability and cannot be responsible for any accident or event occurring while the passenger is at the airport or on board an aircraft.


When consumers reserve a connecting flight, sufficient time must be provided to make the connection. There is no control over airlines schedules, since they can be modified or affected by various circumstances. When booking connecting flights, this is done at the consumer’s risk, who will assume losses in the event of a change to the original schedule. We assume no responsibility for any damage or additional pain suffered or incurred by a consumer because of a missed connection, whatever the reason.


Limits: Each airline has specific standards for the number, weight and size of baggage, the consumer should inquire with our agency to know the restrictions. Liability: The provisions of the Warsaw Convention and the Notice appearing on the ticket, govern the loss of luggage and damage during air transport within established limits. At all other times, all luggages are transported at the consumer’s risk.


We strongly recommend that you purchase a multi-risk insurance covering risks associated with travel such as: life insurance, medical and hospitalization expenses, loss and / or theft of baggage, trip cancellation insurance, evacuation, accident insurance. This insurance can also be purchased at your travel agency or online.


The consumer undertakes to obtain at his expense all documents required by the relevant government authorities. Canadian and US citizens must bring a proof of citizenship (birth certificate or citizenship card) and an official photo ID, for destinations where passports and visas are not required. It is possible that we ask a parent traveling with a child to present an affidavit, signed permission from the other parent authorizing the child to travel. The consumer should inquire at a tour agency for the necessary travel documents and make sure to have them before departure. The carrier or the competent government authorities may deny boarding to any passenger who does not have the required documents, no refund. Lost and stolen travel documents are not refunded or replaced.


Certain unpleasant events may occur during a journey. The consumer is aware of this, and assumes the consequences and agrees that Nai’a Inspired Life inc. or any tour operator or service provider represented by our company and agency cannot be held responsible. For example this includes: interruption of certain services; water, electricity, air conditioning and security, sanitary conditions, pools, restaurants, hot water and other similar services or benefits may be suspended or discontinued for some or all of the length of stay. Construction: Any resort thrives to maintain the quality of its services, and sometimes undertakes maintenance, improvement, renovation and expansion. Our agency or any tour operator or service providers represented by our agency when warned of such work will endeavor to notify the consumer as quickly as possible. Holidays, school breaks, conventions and exhibitions: some drawbacks may arise during a stay during the holiday season, school holidays, congresses or fairs and certain services or benefits may be canceled, interrupted or unavailable. These periods vary among countries and the competent authorities. It is virtually impossible for us to specify the dates. The consumer is aware of this and accepts the possible consequences.


The consumer acknowledges and agrees that it is international practice that hoteliers require that the consumer takes possession of a room at 16:00 on arrival and frees room by 11:00 on the day of departure.


Photos used in our promotional materials are published as examples only. These photos cannot be considered as part of this contract. The consumer must rather be guided by the price, location and services offered. The decor and furnishings of the hotel rooms can also vary depending on the room and its location in the hotel.


We reserve the right to take photos and videos during the program for promotional purposes. By accepting these terms and conditions, you give up your rights to the photos. If you object to the taking of photographs you must notify us prior to your arrival.


Any consumer with a disability must notify us and the air carrier and forward at the time of booking any special needs arising from this disability so that appropriate measures be taken, wherever possible, to allow that person access to road or air transport. Additionally, the consumer knows and accepts that some benefits represented by our agency or any tour operator or service providers represented by our agency are not equipped to offer services adapted to the needs of people with disability. Our agency or any tour operator or service provider represented by our agency reserves the right to refuse a consumer for whom the trip could be a danger to himself or others.


In the case that certain goods or services were not available before the departure of the consumer or following his arrival at destination, we reserve the right to replace them with similar goods or services or, alternatively, to cancel them. In the event that the goods or replacement services are of inferior quality, our responsibility will be limited to the price difference between these goods or services. In the event that such goods or replacement services are of superior quality, the consumer must pay the amount of the difference between the price of those goods or services. The consumer will have the opportunity to refuse these replacement goods or services. In this case, or in the event of cancellation, our liability or that of any tour operator or service provider will be limited to reimbursement of amounts paid by consumers for goods and services concerned.


We declare that the consumer must inform us of his intentions, goals, motives, expectations and needs with respect to the proposed travel, before the reservation is made. Health: the consumer must be healthy enough to undertake the trip. The consumer should bring a sufficient quantity of all medication needed and always carry them in their hand baggage. Before departure, the consumer must check with competent medical authorities all preventive medical measures applicable to the countries visited. We are not liable for any cancellation during the trip or the operation of an excursion or a trip organized or any other event that may arise during the trip.


We or any tour operator or service provider contracted is not responsible for delays, loss of personal property, injury, accident, fatality, damage, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, annoyances, physical or mental distress or frustration resulting from force majeure including but without being limited to: Any fault, negligence or omission on the part of some service provider or employees. Sickness, theft, labor disputes, mechanical breakdown, quarantine, war, government constraints, civil unrest, poor weather conditions, closing or poor state of certain access roads or other factors beyond our reasonable control and that of any tour operator or service providers contracted.


All comments and claims can be forwarded to [email protected]


This agreement is governed by the laws of Quebec, Canada. Any action that may be brought against our company or any tour operator or service providers represented by our company must be brought in the courts of this province. For the purpose of introducing all instances, the parties elect domicile in the judicial district of the city of departure in question. The voiding of one or other of the clauses hereto shall not nullify or invalidate this agreement.