Decode your Purpose – Journey Only

Decode your Purpose is a real treasure hunt and alchemical journey into the depths of your soul’s truth to remember what you came here to create.

In this journey, I will teach you how to use the cosmos, your body, and your intuitive powers to remember your direction, to build self confidence and to align yourself with where you belong in your inner and outer world.

It’s a truly astonishing program, much like Awaken your Vessel.

Decode your Purpose - Journey Only




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Jun 01 - 30 2024


All Day
Jhennevièv Heartt


Jhennevièv Heartt

Entrepreneur, Embodied Life Alchemy Coach, Mystic, Impact Investor: I’m known to be a bridger of dimensions, a soul whisperer and a magic weaver. My work is to guide people through their own embodied awakening and to innovate systems. I’ve walked the path, I’ve done the work, and I’ve gotten the results. I share the good, the bad and the ugly for it’s all part of our journey to Greatness. I have spent as much time with shamanic guides and spiritual teachers to developing my spiritual practice and healing gifts as I have spent founding, co-founding, managing and expanding multiple companies in the wellness, mental health tech, hospitality, real estate, e-commerce and consumer products fields. My soul mission remains spiritual in its foundation. That’s where the alchemy happens. I mesh my yogic, scientific and shamanic backgrounds together to sustainably support your growth and evolution. As a Business and Strategic Mastermind, I’m here to help you take quantum leaps in evolution where your purpose is at the core of your vision and where profits serve a greater mission. I’m here to facilitate the creation of projects and businesses that shake the world awake with those with the same passions. Before you get the wrong idea, I just want to remind you that I’m just like you, trying to live my best life and to walk the path of my greater embodiment. I have failed so many times at it and still do at times. However, I have also succeeded massively. No path is perfect, no path is without failure. But the more I lean into my purpose, the more I fall into a vast field of manifestation. And its my purpose to share these codes with you.