300H NAI’A Breathwork and Somatic Healing Training

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Prerequisite: Breathwork Foundations course + 50H Immersion (you can start it at the same time as the course.)

The NAI’A Breathwork & Somatic Healing program is a comprehensive 300H program in the arts of self healing and personal transformation that equips coaches, wellness and healthcare professionals to assess, support and give tailored breathwork, hormonal yoga and trauma informed practices to support their clients on their wellness journeys.

Enhance your coaching or wellness profession and become a certified NAI’A Facilitator and help humanity thrive! You will experience your own self transformation in this program and will see concrete and sustainable results for your clients, you will witness evolution in your students and you will see the impact of these embodied shifts in your community. Be part of our changemaker tribe, enroll today!

Upon certification, you will be able to use your credit hours with Yoga Alliance and the International Coaching Federation.


  • Prerequisite 50H Immersion – Online pre-recorded or in person, check calendar dates.
  • April 21-30 2023 Mexico Training Camp – 86H
  • July 13-16 Auberge Yoga Salamandre, Eastern Townships, Qc OR ONLINE – 44H
  • Aug 12-13 2023 Online or In Person Coaching Training Weekend in Montreal – 20H

The rest of the material is to be complete in our Academy & Private Community:

  • Online pre-recorded and Mentoring: 30H
  • Embodied Practice 30H
  • Case Studies & Self Study – 40H


Prerequisite: LEVEL 1 50H – Breathwork Foundations Course & NAI’A Somatics Intro

  • NAI’A Somatics Foundations
  • NAI’A Breathwork practice and application of the work on the physical, mental-emotional, energetic and spiritual level
  • Nervous System Mechanics
  • Breaking the taboo of Trauma
  • Embodied Life Alchemy in a coaching, teaching, and wellness setting
  • Level 1 NAI’A Somatics Approach to ground, to build sensory awareness, to get people out of stuckness, to build accountability, and to calm the nervous system
  • Learning to explain confidently what NAI’A Somatics is, what it does
  • Learning to guide short practices in a safe, supportive, inclusive container.
  • Discovering the language of the Subtle Body, why it matters, and how to balance body, energy, emotions, glands and hormones through NAI’A Yoga & Somatic Healing.

LEVEL 2 – NAI’A Breathwork & Somatic Healing Facilitator Training Program – 250H

The Level 2 training begins with 80H in a 10-day training camp in which you will cover the first part of deeper and hands-on Techniques, Training, Practice to facilitate 1-1 sessions. We will also cover part 1 of Professional Essentials while being immersed in the NAI’A Lifestyle:

  • Daily Breathwork Sessions
  • Daily Yoga and Movement Sessions
  • Quantum Meditations
  • Techniques & Training Sessions
  • NAI’A Breathwork & Somatic Healing Methodology
  • Life Alchemy Workshops
  • Practice Facilitating to sharpen your skills
  • Biohacking Package optional
  • Organic, locally farmed meals
  • Luxury suites and cabañas across from the ocean.

*You must stay on-site, special deal for our current students.

To complete your coursework we will host a 3.5 day intensive Thurs night – Sunday evening in July and we will finish with our coaching weekend, both of which can be taken online or in person.


  • How to help your students and clients navigate their nervous system and trauma response
  • How to facilitate individual sessions and create tailor-made programs
  • Hands-on facilitation
  • Energy Calibration
  • Hormonal Yoga and Trauma Release yoga sequences
  • Therapeutics Approach: NAI’A Yin and Thai Yoga sequences
  • How to facilitate short exercises to down regulate or up regulate.
  • How to facilitate breakthroughs and navigate difficult conditions and reactions
  • How to address the needs of the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual bodies in sessions.
  • How to support habit changes and how to give simple and sage neuro-hacking and mindset training practices.
  • How to become the best ally for your students and clients through NAI’A Life Alchemy Coaching


  • 190H Techniques, Training, Practice & (60H) Methodology
    • NAI’A Breathwork Facilitation 110H
    • Hormonal & Trauma Informed Yoga 30H
    • NAI’A Therapeutics & Thai Yoga 30H
    • Energy & Vibrational Healing: Sound Healing and Touch of Light 20H
  • 30H Humanities – Art of Holding Sacred Space
    • Life Alchemy Coaching
      • Life Alchemy Coaching Approach, Philosophy, Method
      • Emotional Intelligence practices
      • Neuro Hacking & Mindset Training Practices
      • Life Alchemy Tips
      • Creating Transformational Containers
      • Navigating Crisis
  • 30H Embodied Practice – Self practice program for everyone
  • 10H Business and Ethics
  • 40H Practicum – Case Studies, Online Academy Classes, Final Exam



300H Program

If you already have completed the prerequisite the total will be deducted from the amount below.

TUITION $5225 + Mexico Accommodation and Meals payable in 1, 3, 6 or 8 payments.


  • Quad to 6 pax Occupancy – $1695 USD
  • Double Occupancy $1925 USD
  • Single Occupancy – Ask for pricing and availability.

Includes: Airport Transfers, Lodging for 9 nights, 3 organic locally grown meals per day, Adventures and Ceremonies, unbeatable Memories & Transformation !

Does not include: Flight, Insurance, Optional Activities.


  • Yes, you CAN complete the rest of the training online after the initial 10 day camp.
  • Yes, you CAN sign up even if you haven’t started or completed the 50H Immersion yet, upon registration we will send you the link to register for the immersion and you will have access to begin your journey.
  • Yes, you can bring a friend with you on retreat during your training camp, for packages click here: https://naialife.com/yoga-retreat/
  • Yes we can team you up with another participant for double occupancy in separate beds.
  • Got other questions? Email us! [email protected]
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Apr 21 - 30 2023


All Day