NAI’A SOMATICS TRAINING – Level 1 – 50H – Payment Plan

$450.00 / month for 2 months

Prerequisite: Breathwork Foundations course (you can start it at the same time as the course.)

WHEN: NOV 5-6 + DEC 10-11

WHERE: Nov 5-6 Online or in person in Montreal at Maison Eco-Féminine – ONLY 12 spots available for in-person training
Dec 10-11 Online

Train in NAI’A Somatics to enhance your coaching or wellness profession and become a certified NAI’A Somatics Educator to lead workshops globally!
Get results for your clients, see your students evolve and create embodied shifts in your community.


  • NAI’A Somatics Foundations
  • NAI’A breathwork practice and application of the work on the physical, mental-emotional, energetic and spiritual level
  • Nervous System Mechanics
  • Breaking the taboo of Trauma
  • Embodied Life Alchemy in a coaching, teaching, and wellness setting
  • Level 1 NAI’A Somatics Approach to ground, to build sensory awareness, to get people out of stuckness, to build accountability, and to calm the nervous system
  • Learning to explain confidently what NAI’A Somatics is, what it does
  • Learning to guide short practices in a safe, supportive, inclusive container.
  • Discovering the language of the Subtle Body, why it matters, and how to balance body, energy, emotions, glands and hormones through NAI’A Yoga & Somatic Healing.


  • Breath physiology, mechanics and how your energetic makeup and how it affects your heart, your brain, your hormones and glands
  • Energy pathways and energy centers: psychology of development, why they get blocked, how to balance them
  • Deepen your practice, understanding and and application of the Foundations of NAI’A Breathwork
  • Discover the NAI’A approach to nervous system regulation and how to apply the approach, tools and practices in a coaching context, yoga context, teaching context and wellness services context
  • Nervous system regulation: NAI’A Somatics introduction for trauma informed yoga, to unwind the nervous system safely and in an empowering way.
  • Learn how to self assess your body’s needs in every phase of your cycle, season, transitions and discover how to give it what it needs to be supported.
  • Grounding, restorative, clearing and activating practices


  • A quiet and private space to learn if online
  • Zoom app on your device
  • Yoga mat
  • 2-3 3.5 inch Cork blocks or sturdy foam
  • Yoga strap
  • 1-2 Yoga blankets
  • 1 Bolster
  • Notebook to take LOTS and LOTS of notes!
  • Phone or something to record yourself in practice workshops
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Your FULL & FOCUSED attention
  • A student mind full of openness – not a mind full of knowing.
  • **You must attend Live for hours to count as credit hours for certification.**


  • $862 pay in full – The prerequisite Breathwork Foundations must be paid separately and purchased before the start date of this Level 1 program.
  • There are only 12 spots for the in-person training, book your spot quickly!

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