Danza Waiver

  1. I have all the pre-requisites necessary to complete the program (if required).
  2. My mental-emotional balance is stable and I assert I am in good physical condition, ready and able to take this program.
  3. I will notify the program leader if I have a severe condition or any medical condition that needs to be communicated before beginning the program.
  4. I am responsible for my conduct and will respect my brothers and sisters.
  5. I agree to provide a safe space by not sharing what is discussed in the group to people outside this group.
  6. Nai'a has a strict policy on bullying, harassment, sensual and sexual misconduct, including flirting and making advances to teachers or not disclosing an intimate relationship with a teacher or assistant prior to the beginning of a program, and violent communication or actions. Any situation of the kind that arises will result in immediate suspension of the student(s). - I understand and agree to respect the code of ethics.
  7. In a transformational space, it is normal to be triggered and to be in what we call the "process". Big emotions, big releases are welcome for the sake of transformation. Nai'a teachers are trained to hold the space, facilitate and manage these situations. I agree to respect the teachings and to let the teachers do their work, meaning that I will not interfere with the process of other people.
  8. I commit 100% to this program and I will show up with the mindset of a student ready to learn!
  9. I agree to minimize (mindful consumption) or stop my alcohol consumption during the process as it affects the practice and my energetic field.
  10. I am fully aware that the results of this program depend on my willingness to do my work and my commitment to it, to practice and to participate in the group.
  11. I agree not to promote my services or products within the group for the duration of this program unless permission is granted.
  12. I agree to complete all of the modules and the curriculum work in the time agreed upon.