Getting Started

Embodied Humans is where you will find the Nai’a Life Community. Embodied Humans is also our Academy. All of our online courses are here with the community attached so you can come to one place to connect with us!


This is your your profile used for the Nai’a Community interactions, purchasing, and attending any courses in the Nai’a Academy.


Nai’a Life offers several different programs. These programs can sometimes be accompanied by an online course. “Courses” is where you can access your online curriculum if you have enrolled in a program.

Social Settings

Here is where you can adjust your notification preferences and privacy settings for the Nai’a Community and more.


Some of our programs are ongoing. Some of our programs occur on specific dates. You can go here to see if anything is coming up on the calendar.


The Nai’a Community is made up of several groups. “Community” is our main group. Groups is where you engage in social interaction with other community members of the same group.


Forums are spaces where community members may create and follows topics/questions. Some Forums are attached to groups some are not (like the support forum). 

Account Settings

Here is where you can see all of your purchases, update your payment information and montior any payment plans you have subscribed to. Your store credits will also appear here and more.